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Music Distribution FAQ

Yes of course! You keep 100% of your copyright. Your work, your music.

Depending on your chosen plan you get paid 85% (Free plan) or 100% (Paid plan) of your generated earnings. Earnings reports with detailed CSV data and payments are available to you as soon as Singo receives and processes earnings from streaming services and stores. The Streaming services usually deliver these reports monthly with a 2-3 month delay. The music you sold today won’t show up in your Singo wallet until about 2-3 months from the date you made the sale. (!) Keep in mind that streaming services don’t report at the same time or same frequency. We can not affect the reports from streaming services because they use their own schedule. For example, you likely won’t receive Spotify and Deezer reports on the same day. To see detailed information about your sales & streams please visit „wallet“ and download the CSV file. Depending on your chosen payout methods a requested withdrawal can take up to 1-4 days to be sent to your Bank Account, PayPal Account, Crypto Wallet.

We offer different payout methods which you can set up in your wallet. Crypto: We implemented a system to withdraw your earnings using popular cryptocurrency. We support a payout in the following cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. (!) Please make sure you set up the correct wallet before requesting a payout with cryptos. If you set up the wrong wallet, and we send your earnings all earnings are lost, and we don't take any responsibility for mistakes you made while setting up, neither we can get the earnings back. If it's sent from our wallet we don't have any control over it anymore. We send you all earnings showing into your current balance minus the actual transaction fee, which varies from coin to coin. PayPal: Set up your PayPal email and request a payout using PayPal to receive your money via PayPal. All PayPal transactions are usually made in Euro. SEPA Bank Transfer (IBAN): Set up your IBAN into your wallet and request a payout using Bank Transfer. SEPA Payments usually take 1-2 Days to show up on your bank account. Keep in mind we send all earnings in Euro, depending on your Bank there might be a little exchange fee into your local currency.

We have features no other music distributor out there offers his users. Our focus is the music and the artists - not the money like every other distributor. Besides that we have 48h distribution, Crypto Payouts, 24/7 Live Chat support and many more. We have direct deals with any store out there, so we work hand in hand with the stores to provide our users with the best possible service. Give us a chance, we promise you wont regret it.

Actually we offer three plans: Free, Basic and Premium plan.

Click "Wallet" to see your earnings reports for streams and sales. First, you'll see the summary report. It shows how much you've earned from each store & streaming service. Click on Download CSV to see individual line-items that contain the following information: - Reporting Month - Sale Month - Store - Artist - Title - Quantity - Song/Album - Customer price - Country of sale - Your earnings Besides that we provide best analytic tools.

We are proud to say that we deliver you music to over 220+ stores including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, Tidal, Napster etc. be sure your music will be live on any platform you know.

If streaming services reports us that your content is involved into fraudulent activities (streaming manipulation with bots, click farms etc. to generate revenue) we will apply one (1) warning point to your account, and we notify you about this via email. If your account reaches three (3) warning points, we will Suspend and Terminate your account after emailing you with the reason for this termination.

Due to fraudulent activities stores might force us to take down your music from the specific store reporting the fraudulent activity, and we have to fulfill this. However, your content will still be available on all non-affected stores until your account reaches three (3) warning points. If three warning points applied to your account we will take down your content from every store you distributed on with us.

We will pay out all earnings you generated with your content which was forwarded to us by stores even if you got 1 or 2 warning points. However, if you reach three warning points your account will be suspended and if there are outstanding earnings it will be frozen for two (2) month to give the affected stores the chance to claim back the generated earnings. If the affected store don’t claim the outstanding earnings, we will email you to withdrawal the earnings, however your account will stay suspended.

If stores reports earnings for your music you get automatic a notification that your wallet is updated. Please head over to the wallet page and submit a payout. Also take a look at our different payout methods and make sure you read everything carefully (!) because a wrong crypto address could result in a 100% lost of your earnings.